Cultural Resource Protection for Private Landowners - Helpful Resources, Downloads

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Cultural Resource Protection Downloads

Best Management Practices Handbook(Adobe Acrobat file, 24.2MB)

Conservation Easements: Protecting Florida's Archaeological Sites (Adobe Acrobat file, 649KB) out of print - download only

Conservation Easements: Protecting Archaeological Sites and Historic Buildings on Private Lands (Adobe Acrobat file, 688KB)

Archaeological Sites and Private Property: Providing Public Access and Interpretation (Adobe Acrobat file, 2.2MB) out of print - download only

Public Access and Interpretation for Florida's Privately Owned Historic Buildings (Adobe Acrobat file, 2.6MB) out of print - download only

Site Stewardship Agreement (MS Word file, 11KB)
Site Stewardship Agreement (Adobe Acrobat file, 6KB)

Site Monitor Form (MS Word file, 244KB)
Site Monitor Form (Adobe Acrobat file, 59KB)

Archaeological Stabilization Guide (Adobe Acrobat file, 3.39MB)