Cultural Resource Protection for Private Landowners - Site Stewardship, Overview

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Florida Archaeological Site Stewardship Programs

Site Stewardship Agreement
The Florida Site Steward Agreement is modeled after stewardship registry programs in states such as Kentucky, North Dakota, and Tennessee. By signing the steward agreement, a property owner agrees to notify the State prior to initiating activities that may have a negative impact on the site or to report destructive acts such as dumping, unauthorized digging, or environmental degradation. The Site Stewardship Agreement includes a statement of commitment by the State to provide guidance and technical assistance in site preservation. The agreement may allow regular site visits by a state archaeologist for the purposes of evaluating the site and the success of the agreement, and to offer assistance in site management.

Bemis with Lee Family The first Florida Site Steward is Mr. Bemis Smith, who owns the Edmund Lee Cemetery. Mr. Smith is interested in cleaning the cemetery, locating its burials, and erecting an historic marker for public interest. In mid March, staff went to Bradenton, Florida, to award Mr. Smith a certificate and plaque for his participation in the Program. Lee family members were there for the presentation along with the local media.