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U.S. Navy & Confederate Shipwreck Project.

Depiction of Confederate Ambush of Union Gunboat USS Columbine, near Horse Landing, on the St. John's River, Florida, May 23, 1864, courtesy of the artist, William L. Trotter, published in McCarthy, Kevin M. 1992 Thirty Florida Shipwrecks. Sarasota, Fla.: Pineapple Press, Inc.

U.S. Navy & Confederate Shipwreck Project

History of U.S. Navy in Florida (1821-Present)

Some Navy & Confederate Shipwrecks in Florida Waters

Florida Underwater Archaeological Preserves (including USS Massachusetts)

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Sport divers who locate any type of shipwreck in Florida waters, are encouraged to report their discoveries. Please contact:

The Florida State Underwater Archaeologist
c/o Bureau of Archaeological Research,
Division of Historical Resources,
500 S. Bronough St., Tallahassee, FL 32399-0250

Phone: (850) 245-6444. FAX: (850) 245-6436.