Underwater Archaeology

Underwater Archaeology - Meet the Team

Florida Underwater Archaeology Team

Florida Department of State’s Bureau of Archaeological Research (http://www.flheritage.com/archaeology/) is responsible for inventorying, documenting, and managing the state’s archaeological sites, both prehistoric and historic, for the people of Florida. Archaeologists work with museums, universities, avocational archaeology groups and societies, communities, and other organizations to promote and preserve these non-renewable resources. Three archaeologists employed in the Bureau specialize in submerged cultural resources. Meet the team:

Dr. Roger C. Smith Dr. Roger C. Smith is Florida's State Underwater Archaeologist. He worked on shipwrecks throughout the Caribbean while earning his Masters and Doctorate degrees from Texas A&M University. Roger returned to Florida to take up the post of chief underwater archaeologist in 1987. He is the author of three books and dozens of professional and popular articles.

Franklin H. Price Franklin H. Price is from Bernard, Maine. He has a BA from Earlham College in Richmond, Indiana, and an MA in maritime studies from East Carolina University. His experience in underwater archaeology includes both maritime and inundated prehistoric projects. He coordinates public outreach, dive operations, and manages the State's Underwater Archaeological Preserve program.

Lindsay S. Smith Dr. Ryan M. Duggins earned a B.A. in Anthropology from the University of Georgia, an M.A. in Maritime Archaeology and History from the University of Bristol, and a Ph.D. from Florida State University. His current research interests include submerged landscape reconstruction, terrestrial and submerged archaeological predictive modeling, remote sensing and survey methodologies, archaeological applications of GIS, and maritime cultural resource management. Ryan enjoys sailing, fishing, diving, woodworking, and playing with his dog.