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Map of the 1733 Plate Fleet shipwrecks scattered along the Florida Keys. From top to bottom: Populo, Infante, San José, Capitana, Chaves, Tres Puentes, Herrera, San Pedro, El Terri, San Francisco, Almiranta, Angustias, Sueco de Arizón

San José Shipwreck,
1733 Spanish Plate Fleet

San José originally named Saint Joseph, was built in New England and quickly put into service with the Spanish plate fleet. In July of 1733, while attempting to sail from Havana to Spain, San José and several other merchant ships sank in 30 feet of water in the Florida Keys. Great effort was made by the Spanish to salvage all the contents of the 1733 wrecks and little was left behind, especially when compared to the cultural material remains of the wrecked 1715 Plate Fleet.

Two images of Artifacts from the wreck of teh San José, hand painted ceramic bowl and brass navigation dividers.

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