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Drawing of a breastplate from Mound 3 of the Lake Jackson site featuring a warrior wearing an avian costume

Lake Jackson Mounds (8Le1)

The Lake Jackson Mound site is located just North of Tallahassee. The site dates to the early Fort Walton Period (A.D. 1100-1400), and was affiliated with the historical Apalachee people. Residents at Lake Jackson farmed maize and were ruled by a paramount chief. Deceased rulers were interred in elaborate burials in the site's large earthen mounds, the largest of which measures 36 feet high and nearly 300 feet along its base. Grave goods included shell beads, copper and greenstone axes, and decorated copper breastplates. These items featured imagery consistent with the "Mississippian" archaeological culture that spanned much of the southeastern United States at the time.

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