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Florida's History Through Its Places

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Levy County

465 - Cedar Key
Cedar Key CEDAR KEY HISTORIC AND ARCHAEOLOGICAL DISTRICT c. 1839-1920. 311 buildings, 155 of historical interest. Frame Vernacular. An early Florida community that first gained importance when it became the terminus of an antebellum railroad that ran to Fernandina on the east coast. Later the center of cedar cutting for the nation's pencil industry. Presently a fishing port and tourist center. Archaeological sites from Deptford and Weeden Island periods nearby. Also wildlife sanctuary. Public and Private. N.R. 1989.

466 - Cedar Key
Cedar Key ISLAND HOTEL 224 2nd St. 1861. Masonry Vernacular. 2 stories, tabby walls, stuccoed, 2-story porch. Built as a general store when railroad reached the town. Following the decline of the cedar industry, local economy languished and store closed (1910). Operated as a hotel since 1946. Private. N.R. 1984.

872 - Williston
Williston CITIZENS BANK 5 North Main Street. 1914. Masonry vernacular. One Story. The Citizens Bank opened in 1914 and absorbed their only competitor, the Bank of Williston, in 1926. One year later, Citizens Bank closed, perhaps a victim of the 1926 collapse of the Florida Land Boom. The building is a commercial design that was common in small cities and towns in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, but exhibits exceptional details that set it apart, particularly the patterned tile floor and pressed metal ceilings. Private. NR 1995

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