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Manatee County

474 - Bradenton
Bradenton BRADEN CASTLE PARK HISTORIC DISTRICT 1850, 1924-1929. 206 structures on 34 acres. Predominant style: Frame Vernacular bungalows, many reflecting Craftsman style in design. Notable structures: H.E. Robbins home, Community Hall, and ruins of Braden House (1850). A remarkably complete assemblage of small frame cottages, trailer sites, and large communal buildings designed to serve as seasonal campground for the Camping Tourist of America. Laid out in 1924. N.R. 1986.

479 - Ellenton
Ellenton ROBERT GAMBLE HOUSE U.S. 301. 1845-1850. Greek Revival influence. 2 stories, brick, 18 25-foot-high pillars support the roof and form upper and lower verandas. Plantation home of Major Gamble. At the close of the Civil War, Confederate Secretary of State Judah P. Benjamin hid there until he could flee to England. Museum. Public. N.R. 1970.

480 - Palmetto
Palmetto PALMETTO HISTORIC DISTRICT 1890-1930. 292 buildings, 208 of which are of historical significance. Predominant styles are Frame and Masonry Vernacular, Queen Anne, Bungalow, and Colonial Revival. Notable structures are Parrish House, Lamb House, and Carnegie Library. Includes a major portion of the historic residential, commercial, and industrial sections of the town of Palmetto. Reflects the development of the town, which was a service center for the surrounding agricultural community. N.R. 1986.

475 - Bradenton
Bradenton BRADENTON CARNEGIE LIBRARY 1405 4th Ave. W. 1918. Masonry Vernacular with Classical Revival elements. 2 stories, brick, tile roof, classically derived porch at front entrance with 2 Tuscan columns. Built with one of the Carnegie Corporation's last grants for library construction. In 1978 the facility became the Historic Records Library of the county. Public. N.R. 1987.

476 - Bradenton
Bradenton MANATEE COUNTY COURTHOUSE (Original) Manatee Ave. and 15th St. 1859-1860 (moved 4 times). Oldest remaining county courthouse in Florida built explicitly for that purpose. Later served as church, parsonage, and private residence. Public. N.R. 1976.

477 - Bradenton
Bradenton WHITFIELD ESTATES BROUGHTON STREET HISTORIC DISTRICT 1925-1943. 9 buildings, 8 of historical interest. Classical and Mediterranean Revival. The only concentration of buildings from the formative years of the Whitfield Estates Subdivision. Private. N.R. 1993.

481 - Palmetto
Palmetto WOMAN'S CLUB OF PALMETTO 910 6th St. W. 1930. Mediterranean Revival. 1 and a half stories, masonry, stuccoed, 4-bay porte cochere. The Woman's Club of Palmetto played a major role in cultural, social, and civic life of the town for many years. For years the only public facility in the county north of the Manatee River large enough to hold various meetings. Private. N.R. 1986.

483 - Terra Ceia Island
Terra Ceia Island MADIRA BICKEL MOUND On U.S. 19. 1000 B.C.-A.D. 1600. Archaic period to Safety Harbor period. Large oblong ceremonial mound and a smaller sand mound begun in middle Weeden Island period and used through the Safety Harbor period. Public. N.R. 1970.

478 - Vicinity of Bradenton
Vicinity of Bradenton DE SOTO NATIONAL MEMORIAL 5 mi. W of Bradenton. 1539-1543. Site commemorates landing of Hernando de Soto in Florida and the initiation of the first extensive organized exploration of the interior of the U.S. Museum. Public. N.R. 1966.

482 - Vicinity of Sarasota
Vicinity of Sarasota SEAGATE (Powel Crosley, Jr., House) 6565 N. Tamiami Trail. 1929. Mediterranean Revival. Paul W. Bergman and George Albee Freeman, architects. 2 to 2 and a half stories, cast stone, stuccoed, cast-stone quoins, decorative cast-stone wall ornamentation, wrought-iron balcony rails. Seasonal estate built by Crosley, owner of WLW radio station in Cincinnati. Private. N.R. 1983.

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