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Nassau County

840 - Fernandina Beach
Fernandina Beach BAILEY HOUSE 7th St. and Ash St. 1895. Queen Anne. George Barber, architect. 2 and a half stories, frame, clapboarding, shingle gables, polygonal corner towers, wraparound porch. One of finest Victorian homes in the city. Presently used as a bed-and-breakfast. Private. N.R. 1973.

841 - Fernandina Beach
Fernandina Beach FAIRBANKS HOUSE 227 S. 7th St. 1885. Italianate elements. R.V. Schuyler, architect. 2 and a half stories, frame, arcaded front and side porches, 3-story central tower. Home of George Rainsford Fairbanks, state senator, newspaper editor, and author of three popular books of Florida history. Present use is for apartments. Private. N.R. 1973.

842 - Fernandina Beach
Fernandina Beach FERNANDINA BEACH HISTORIC DISTRICT 19th century-20th century. 347 buildings, of which 296 are of historical significance, within a 50-block area. Predominant styles: Victorian and Frame Vernacular. Notable are the elaborate High-Victorian, Italianate Fairbanks House, Queen Anne-style Humphrey House and Bailey House, and the Nassau County Courthouse. Although the city lost much importance after dredging permitted Jacksonville better access to the sea, Fernandina Beach had a brief period of prosperity in the late 19th century, when many of its finer homes were built. Area extended in 1987. N.R. 1973, 1987.

845 - Fernandina Beach
Fernandina Beach JOHN DENHAM PALMER HOUSE 1305 Atlantic Ave. c. 1891. Frame Vernacular with Colonial Revival elements. 2 and a half stories, frame, hipped roof, 2-story wraparound porch. Home is associated with an important period in the architectural history of the city. John Denham Palmer was an early physician within the community. Presently a funeral home. Private. N.R. 1986.

843 - Fernandina Beach
Fernandina Beach MERRICK-SIMMONS HOUSE 102 S. 10th St. 1861+. Greek Revival. 2 and a half stories, frame, front portico has 2-story porch. One of the few remaining buildings constructed in the city before the Civil War. Early owner was Miss Chloe Merrick, a school teacher from the North who ran an orphanage after the Civil War. Presently used for apartments. Private. N.R. 1983.

844 - Fernandina Beach
Fernandina Beach OLD TOWN FERNANDINA HISTORIC SITE 1811-1821. 40 buildings, 1 of historical interest. Also contains the Plaza Lot, site of Fort San Carlos, constructed in 1816. Old Town reflects the original plot of the town of 1811. By the end of the Spanish period the town had about 40 houses, all built of wood. Public and Private. N.R. 1990.

846 - Fernandina Beach
Fernandina Beach TABBY HOUSE(C.W. Lewis House) 7th and Ash Sts. 1885. Eclectic. R.S. Schuyler, architect. 2 and a half stories, 2-story veranda with carved posts and brackets. Although called the "Tabby House," the walls are of concrete with aggregate being local shell, and not tabby. Private. N.R. 1973.

847 - Vicinity of Fernandina Beach
Vicinity of Fernandina Beach FORT CLINCH Fl. A1A, at N end of Amelia Island. 1847+. Pentagonal brick fort with corner bastions and loopholes in outer walls. Several structures in interior courtyards, including a 2-story barracks. Occupied by Confederates in 1861, recaptured by Federal troops in March 1862, giving the Union control of the Georgia coast. Museum. Public. N.R. 1972.

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