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Florida's History Through Its Places

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Seminole County

579 - Longwood
Longwood BRADLEE-McINTYRE HOUSE 130 W. Warren Ave. c. 1885. Queen Anne. 2 and a half stories, frame, clapboard, polygonal, front corner tower, wraparound 1-story veranda. Winter home of the Bradlee family of Boston. Originally located in Altamonte Springs but mo

580 - Longwood
Longwood LONGWOOD HISTORIC DISTRICT c. 1880-1926. 53 buildings, 38 of historical interest. Frame Vernacular predominates. Most of the early development of the town took place west of the railroad. W. Church and W. Warren avenues formed the core of the town. The commercial section then and now was on E. Lake St. A prominent structure is the Longwood Hotel (1886) at 150 S. C.R. 427. Public and Private. N.R. 1990.

584 - Sanford
Sanford SANFORD COMMERCIAL DISTRICT 1886-1924. 26 historic structures within 11 city blocks. 1- to 2-story buildings, the majority with Italianate elements. Notable are those buildings built for Henry B. Plant's investment company. One of the best-preserved collections of 19th- and 20th-century commercial architecture in Florida. Ninety percent of the structures built between 1886 and 1910 within the district still are intact. N.R. 1976.

585 - Sanford
Sanford SANFORD GRAMMAR SCHOOL 301 W. 7th Ave. 1902. Romanesque Revival. Wilbur Talley, architect. 2 stories, red brick, massive 3-story bell tower. One of the oldest school buildings in Florida. Its most famous alumnus is Walter L. "Red" Barber, nationally known sports announcer. Teaching Museum. Public. N.R. 1984.

586 - Sanford
Sanford SANFORD RESIDENTIAL HISTORIC DISTRICT 1880-1930. 503 buildings, 434 of historical interest. Frame and Masonry Vernacular predominate, many with revival influence. District was developed over a period of 50 years from a pine forest. Early development consisted of small homes located between 3rd and 5th streets on Magnolia and Palmetto avenues. Churches and schools were built along Park and Oak avenues between 3rd and 5th streets. Between 1915 and 1927 district assumed its present form. Public and Private. N.R. 1989.

581 - Longwood
Longwood LONGWOOD HOTEL (Longwood Village Inn) 150 E. Lake St. 1887+ . Frame Vernacular. Joseph B. Clouser, architect. 3-story, frame, wraparound veranda. A rare surviving example of a small, wood-frame hotel built in many small communities throughout Florida at the end of the last century. Still one of the largest buildings in Longwood. Presently used for offices. Private. N.R. 1984.

582 - Sanford
Sanford FERNALD-LAUGHTON MEMORIAL HOSPITAL (Old), (Florida Hotel) 500 S. Oak Ave. c. 1910, 1919, 1927. Colonial Revival. 2-story, frame, 1st floor has a beige-brick veneer, 2nd story has woodshingle siding, French tile roof. The only hospital in the city from 1

583 - Sanford
Sanford ST. JAMES A.M.E. CHURCH 1913. Gothic Revival. Prince W. Spears, architect. Pyramidal main roof and two towers. Red brick exterior. Closely associated with the religious and social life of the African-American community of Sanford. Designer was a local African-American builder. Private. N.R. 1992.

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