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Calhoun County

75 - Vicinity of Blountstown
Vicinity of Blountstown CAYSON MOUND AND VILLAGE SITE 3 mi. SE of Blountstown on the Apalachicola River. a.d. 900-a.d. 1500. Fort Walton period. Flat-topped pyramidal temple mound of local clay, 20 feet high, 75 feet long and, 60 feet wide. Village complex, including plaza, nearby. Private. N.R. 1976.

74 - Blountstown
Blountstown OLD CALHOUN COUNTY COURTHOUSE 314 E. Central Ave. 1904+. Romanesque Revival. Frank Lockwood and Benjamin Bosworth, architects. 2 to 2 and a half stories, brick, hipped main roof, 3 1-story porches. One of only two extant Romanesque Revival courthouse buildings in Florida. Both architects, Alabamians, had outstanding regional reputations for the design of public buildings. Public. N.R. 1980.

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