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Citrus County

77 - Vicinity of Crystal River
Vicinity of Crystal River MULLET KEY 3 mi. S of the main mouth of the Crystal River. a.d. 500-a.d. 1500. Deptford through Safety Harbor periods. Oyster-shell midden situated on a key. Private. N.R. 1986.

80 - Vicinity of Inverness
Vicinity of Inverness FORT COOPER 3 mi. NE of Inverness on U.S. 41 on W bank of Fort Cooper Lake. 1836. The fort was built and operated between April 2 and April 18, 1836. The 1st Georgia Battalion of Volunteers held off an attack of several hundred Indians throughout that period. Park. Public. N.R. 1972.

76 - Crystal River
Crystal River CRYSTAL RIVER INDIAN MOUNDS 2 mi. NW of Crystal River on U.S. 19-98. a.d. 1000-a.d. 1500. Swift Creek, Weeden Island, Safety Harbor periods. 2 large truncated mounds, 1 conical burial mound, a large irregular-shaped shell-midden ridge, and a small oval-shaped shell-midden mound. Museum. Private-public. N.R. 1970.

78 - Homasassa
Homasassa YULEE SUGAR MILL RUIN Fl. 490 W off U.S. 19. c. 1860. Once the site of a thriving sugar plantation owned by David Levy Yulee, who became a U.S. senator from Florida. Yulee mansion burned by Union troops (1864) and the mill ceased operation. Public. N.R. 1970.

79 - Inverness
Inverness OLD CITRUS COUNTY COURTHOUSE 1 Courthouse Square. 1912. Eclectic, with elements of Neo-Classical, Italian Renaissance, Prairie School and Mission styles. 2 stories. Buff-colored brick exterior, a copper cupola with a clock face on each of the 4 sides is topped with a belvedere with miniature columns. Oldest and most important public building in Citrus County. Public. N.R. 1992.

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