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Gulf County

936 - Port St. Joe
Port St. Joe CENTENNIAL BUILDING 300 Allen Memorial Way. 1938. Art Deco. Masonry construction. Constructed with Works Progress Administration (WPA) funds, the Centennial Building was one of 707 auditorium/gymnasium Public Works Administration (PWA) projects across the country during the Great Depression. The building was designed by architect Hughell Crockett, and exhibits a restrained Art Deco treatment, a result of an emphasis on simplicity in buildings constructed by the WPA. Public-local. NR 1996.

937 - Port St. Joe
Port St. Joe PORT THEATRE 314 Reid Ave. Art Deco. Two and three stories. The building features Art Deco design elements on its main façade, making it the most high style building on the Reid Avenue commercial strip. The theatre hosted movies, plays, concerts, traveling vaudeville, and other events. The first and only theatre in the city, the Port in many ways served as a community center, particularly during the Great Depression and World War II. Private. NR 2003.

938 - Port St. Joe
Port St. Joe ST. JOSEPH CATHOLIC MISSION CHURCH 216 8th Street. 1925. Frame Vernacular. One story. The St. Joseph Catholic Church is the oldest remaining church from the early 20th century development of Port St. Joe. The designer is not known, but local members of the congregation helped construct it. An outstanding example of frame vernacular construction, the building features design elements that reflect a formal and Classical style. Private. NR 1998.

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