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Hardee County

337 - Vicinity of Bowling Green
Vicinity of Bowling Green PAYNE'S CREEK MASSACRE-FORT CHOKONIKLA SITE 3/4 mi. SE of Bowling Green on Fl. 664A. 1849-1859. On July 17, 1849, Seminole Indians attacked a store on this site, killing the manager and his assistant. News of the incident precipitated massive retaliation. A string of forts built in the area, including one on the store site. Public. N.R. 1978.

338 - Wauchula
Wauchula CARLTON ALBERT ESTATE 302 E. Bay St. 1903. Colonial Revival and Queen Anne elements. 2 and a half stories. 4 buildings within a 26-acre orange grove. An excellent example of an early 20th-century orange grove and residence. In 1903 the first seedless orange discovered in the grove. Private. N.R. 1991.

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