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Liberty County

468 - Vicinity of Bristol
Vicinity of Bristol TORREYA STATE PARK (Gregory House) 13 mi. NE of Bristol on Fl. 12. Pre-Columbian period to 19th century. Focal point of park is Gregory House (c. 1830), 2-story, frame, Greek Revival home. Within park are 6 gun pits dug by Confederates on the bank of the Apalachicola River for cannon to prevent Union Army use of the river. Archaeological sites from Weeden Island period within park. Public. N.R. 1972.

469 - Vicinity of Bristol
Vicinity of Bristol YON MOUND AND VILLAGE SITE 2 mi. W of Bristol. 0-A.D. 350 and A.D. 800-A.D. 1500. Swift Creek and Fort Walton periods. Well-preserved, 29-foot-high temple mound and village complex on a natural levee of the east bank of the Apalachicola River. Private. N.R. 1978.

467 - Blount Stown
Blount Stown OTIS HARE ARCHAEOLOGICAL SITE at mile 73 on E bank of the Apalachicola River. c. A.D. 100-A.D. 700. Swift Creek and Weeden Island periods. Midden contains numerous lithic and ceramic artifacts as well as shell, faunal, and other food remains. Private. N.R. 1989.

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