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Marion County

688 -
ALFRED AYER HOUSE on U.S. 441A. c. 1885. Frame Vernacular with Classical Revival elements. 2 stories. Excellent example of Classical Revival style as applied to a simple vernacular form. Original owner was one of the pioneer citrus growers in the county. Private. N.R. 1993.

681 -
MOUNT ZION A.M.E. CHURCH 623 S. Magnolia Ave. 1891. Masonry Vernacular. Levi Alexander, Sr., architect. 1 story, brick, with a 2-story pyramidal roofed tower. Important center for social and civic functions of the black community. The only surviving brick 19th-century religious structure in Ocala. Private. N.R. 1979.

683 -
Ocala. RITZ APARTMENTS 1205 E. Silver Springs Blvd. 1925. Mediterranean Revival. Frederick T. Uezzell, architect. 4 2 and a half story buildings connected by a 1-story wing. Masonry, stuccoed, balconies with wrought-iron rails. The apartments introduced a new architectural style to Ocala during the Florida land boom; one of the first apartment complexes in the city. Private. N.R. 1986.

678 - McIntosh
McIntosh McINTOSH HISTORIC DISTRICT 1885-1930. 38 blocks in area. Predominant structures are 2-story Frame and Masonry Vernacular buildings, many with Victorian, Gothic, and Queen Anne stylistic influences. A number of bungalows built in early 20th century. Town developed as a citrus and vegetable center following the completion of the Florida Southern Railroad to it. N.R. 1983.

679 - Ocala
Ocala COCA-COLA BOTTLING PLANT 939 N. Magnolia Ave. 1939. Mediterranean Revival. Courtney Stewart, architect. 2 stories, masonry, stuccoed, corner 3-story entrance tower, tile roof. Private. N.R. 1979.

684 - Ocala
Ocala E.C. SMITH HOUSE 507 NE 8th Ave. 1894. Queen Anne Revival. 2 stories. Excellent example of this architectural style. House has been owned by only 2 families since constructed. Private. N.R. 1990.

682 - Ocala
Ocala OCALA HISTORIC DISTRICT 1880-1930. Total area of 173 acres. Various Revival styles, Frame Vernacular, and bungalows. Notable structure is the Dunn Residence, 416 SE Fort King Ave., ornate Queen Anne. The district was associated with many of the most prominent residents of Ocala during its formative period. N.R. 1984.

685 - Ocala
Ocala TUSCAWILLA HISTORIC DISTRICT 1877-1930. 46 buildings, 36 of historical interest. Frame Vernacular with a few Revival structures. One of the oldest sections of Ocala. The district comprises mainly wood frame residences and included a former synagogue, a former woman's club and a park. Public and Private. N.R. 1988.

686 - Oklawaha
Oklawaha T.R. AYER HOUSE 11885 SE 128th Place. c. 1885. Queen Anne Revival. 2 and a half stories. Best example of Queen Anne Revival in rural Marion County. Located along the north side of Lake Weir, it is one of a number of surviving homes of early citrus grove owners. Private. N.R. 1993.

176 - Orange Springs
Orange Springs ORANGE SPRINGS METHODIST EPISCOPAL CHURCH AND CEMETERY S.R. 315 and Church St. c. 1852, 1867. Frame Vernacular. Only structure remaining from town's earliest period. Oldest extant church in Marion County. Local materials used. Private. N.R. 1988.

675 - Dunnellon
Dunnellon BOOMTOWN HISTORIC DISTRICT 1887-1920. 105 buildings, 70 of historical interest. Frame Vernacular and Bungalow predominate. A small, mainly residential district whose period of significance was when the town was the center of hard-rock phosphate mining. Public and Private. N.R. 1988.

676 - East Lake Weir
East Lake Weir JAMES RILEY JOSSELYN HOUSE 13845 Alt. U.S. 27. c. 1895. Frame Vernacular, Colonial Revival elements. 2 and a half stories. Original owner was one of Marion County's most successful citrus growers. Josselyn came from Massachusetts. Most citrus growers of the area came from the North. Private. N.R. 1993.

677 - East Lake Weir
East Lake Weir LAKE WEIR YACHT CLUB New York Ave. 1913. Frame Vernacular. 1 story. Center of recreation for early settlers in the area, many of whom were citrus grove owners. Area also attracted many visitors from the North in the winter. Club still operates. Private. N.R. 1993.

680 - Ocala
Ocala MARION HOTEL 108 N. Magnolia Ave. 1927. Mediterranean Revival. Peebles and Ferguson, architects. 7 stories, with flanking 2-story wings, masonry, stuccoed, red tile roof. One of the last remaining Mediterranean Revival buildings of the 1920s within the county. Private. N.R. 1980.

687 - Oklawaha
Oklawaha GENERAL ROBERT BULLOCK HOUSE SE 119th Ct. 1885. Vernacular with Classical elements. 2 stories. An excellent example of a Vernacular building with many Classical elements. Located on Lake Weir, a site for many fine homes of early citrus growers in the county. Private. N.R. 1993.

177 - Orange Springs
Orange Springs JAMES W. TOWNSEND HOUSE NW corner of Main and Spring Sts. 1912. Frame Vernacular. Owner was instrumental in developing the turpentine industry in central Florida during the latter part of the last century. Owner was also a banker, rancher, and grove owner. Private. N.R. 1988.

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