Special Category Grants

2015 Special Category Priority List as recommended by the Florida Historical Commission

2014 Special Category Priority List as recommended by the Florida Historical Commission

2014-2016 Special Category Grant Timeline


The purpose of Special Category grant funding is to assist major site-specific archaeological excavations, the major restoration or rehabilitation of historic buildings or structures, and major museum exhibits involving the development and presentation of information on the history of Florida.

Types of Projects

Types of projects eligible for Special Category funding include the acquisition of historic property, the moving of a historic building or structure that is under threat of demolition or destruction due to natural causes, the rehabilitation of a historic building or property, and major archaeological investigations of a site or closely related sites. Exhibit projects may include the design, fabrication and installation of museum furniture and equipment and the production of exhibit related media.


Eligible applicants include state agencies, universities, local governments and units of local governments, as well as non-profit organizations.

Application Limitations

Applicants may have no more than one (1) previously awarded Special Category Grant open at the time of application. Applications from applicants with more than one open Special Category Grant shall be declared ineligible and such applications shall be returned to the applicant.

An applicant from the same organization may not submit more than one Special Category Grant application under a single application deadline. State, county or city governments, or universities may submit single applications from more than one division or department during any grant cycle provided that those divisions or departments are separate and distinct budgetary units and provided that the applications do not address the same facility, project, or site.

Application Period

September 1, 2014 - October 31, 2014

Review Process

Special Category grant applications are evaluated at a public meeting in the fall by the Florida Historical Commission (FHC). The applications are evaluated, on a competitive basis, on historic significance, endangerment, appropriateness of the preservation treatment proposed, administrative capability of the organization, adequacy of technical and financial resources, educational potential, economic benefits, and public good resulting from the project. The Commission first rates the applications as high, medium or low. The "low" projects are eliminated from further consideration, while the "high" and "medium" projects are then ranked in chronological order with #1 being the highest priority for funding.

Grant Award / Requirements for Match

Special Category grants provide assistance between $50,000 and $350,000. The grantee is required to provide a matching share of either $50,000 or 50% of the award request, whichever is the higher amount. The match may be any combination of in-kind services, volunteer labor, donated materials and travel, plus cash-on-hand which must constitute a minimum of 25% of the total match.

Special Category Grants Guidelines

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Information and Documents for Current Grantees

Example of Application

Below is an example of a Special Category Application

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