Grant Information

Review Process and Panel Nomination

The Division of Historical Resources is seeking nominations of individuals to participate in the review of applications for Historic Preservation Small Matching grants funding from the Florida Department of State’s grant programs, through the Florida Historical Commission and administered by the Division of Historical Resources. Appointed panelists may be placed on one of two panels: Acquisition and Development or Survey and Planning. Each panel is comprised of at least five panelists and is chaired by a member of the Florida Historical Commission. Panelists are responsible for recommending application funding levels and priorities for consideration by the Secretary of State.

Panels are comprised of individuals with current or prior active involvement with historic preservation in the State of Florida and/or their communities. In appointing panel members, due consideration is given to professional acumen, geographical representation, and minority representation. The Division of Historical Resources encourages special cooperation in identifying potential panelists that are representative of minority groups.

Appointed panelists will be sent copies of applications to review and evaluate prior to attending their specific panel meeting in Tallahassee. Panel meetings are held in either March or April and last for two to three days. Panelists are reimbursed for travel-related expenses, but are not otherwise compensated for their services.


In an effort to increase the number of individuals considered for service on grant review panels, nominators are requested to complete and submit the following form.

Required Information

Nominators should: contact each individual nominated to determine their willingness to serve on a panel; then, complete the nomination form and submit a brief resume on each individual nominated. Nominations without resumes will not be considered for appointment.

Nominations are accepted year-round.

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