Florida Folklife Program

Outreach Program

FlamencoThe Statewide Outreach Initiative broadens the impact of folklife programs by reaching diverse audiences around the state through a variety of formats:

  • Voices of Florida
  • Music from the Sunshine State
  • Marimba Florida Folk Forums: Modeled, in part, after the Folklife Program's past Folklife Institutes, the Folk Forums are day-long programs that will present local tradition bearers and teach community members to identify and utilize traditional cultural resources in their own regions. Participants will be recruited from local cultural, historical, and educational organizations; interested individuals are also invited to participate. The Folklife Program will hold Folk Forum sessions at libraries, museums, state parks, and related institutions throughout the state. Sessions are intended to teach community members to recognize and locate traditional cultural resources and contacts in their own communities, so that they can document, preserve, and present their local cultural heritage through programming at community venues. Each Folk Forum will include presentations by local tradition bearers, cultural specialists, and folklorists.

    Upcoming Florida Folk Forums

    Lake Apopka Folk Forum (Apopka), August 2nd, 2014
    Seminole County Folk Forum (Sanford), August 9th, 2014

    For more information, contact Amanda Hardeman at Amanda.Hardeman@dos.myflorida.com or 800.847.PAST.

    Festival Outreach supports performances by traditional artists at events throughout the state. FFP staff recommends local artists and assists with cultural interpretation at the festivals. By collaborating with existing events, FFP reaches areas where we do not provide other programs.