Florida Historical Marker Program

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Marker Types

There are two types of Florida Historical Markers, each of which plays a separate role in the recognition of historic resources in Florida.
Standard Florida Historical Marker dimensions, 42in. x 30in.

Standard Florida Historical Marker

Cast aluminum, text area is 30" high by 42" wide; dark blue background; letters and Florida Heritage emblem are white; comes with a 7' concrete post coated with brushed aluminum (three feet of the post goes into the ground.).

A single-sided marker has the same text on both sides of the marker.

A double-sided marker has text that is continued from side one to side two.

Marker Costs

The costs of manufacturing and installing the marker are the responsibility of the marker sponsor.

Once the marker application is approved by the Marker Council and the text has been finalized, the State Historical Marker Coordinator will order the marker from the manufacturer. The manufacturer will bill the applicant for the marker after it is manufactured.

The current marker costs are:

  • $2,230 for a single-sided marker (same text on the front and back sides)
  • $2,550 for a double-sided marker (different text on the front and back sides)

Both prices include the sign, post, and shipping. Costs may change, so be sure to verify current costs when your text is finalized.

Marker production usually takes 6–8 weeks after the finalized text is submitted to the manufacturer. Markers must be shipped to a business address.