The history of the French presence in Florida combines all possible elements of human character – the search for adventures, secret desires, and stories of rise and fall. Great naval captains led their galleons to uncharted territory. Revolutionaries helped build the independence of a young North American republic. A former prince and general of Napoleon's once mighty Empire, farmers, diplomats, priests – they all contributed to present-day Florida – the "Sunshine State."

The entire trail is currently being translated into French. Thank you for your patience.

The Florida Department of State would like to thank Dr. Eman Vovsi, Andrew Waber, Dr. Barbara Mattick, Julie Bettinger, Kathy Flemming, Dr. Rafe Blaufarb (Director of the Institute on Napoleon and the French Revolution), Dr. Alec G. Hargreaves (Director, Department of Modern Languages and Linguistics at FSU), Johnathan Grandage, Jody Norman, and Alissa Slade for their contributions and leadership in producing this trail guide, as well as Marie Thérèse-Gazay for providing the translation. The Department would also like to acknowledge the inspiration from the Consul General for France in Miami, Gaël de Maisonneuve, who has spearheaded the 450 year commemoration of the French in Florida.

Florida Department of State, Division of Historical Resources
Tallahassee, 2012